Friday, June 5, 2009

A Lesson in Economics and Thoughtfulness

Baby Girl dog-sat for my in-laws while they were in Alaska.

And she really did it. She fed him, let him outside, kissed him on the head when Grandpa told her to give Rocky a kiss.

When Grandpa asked her how much she was going to charge him for dog-sitting, she replied "Aeh...nothing. It's free."

But he gave her $50 anyway.

Maybe I should start telling him that I really don't want anything for my birthday!

Actually, he would probably take me up on that offer.

So when she got the $50 handed to her, she didn't understand that it wasn't just $3 (two $20s and a $10).

She came to me to help her understand and here was our conversation:

Me: Technically with that $50 you could buy 100 gum balls (knowing this would translate how much that was worth)


Me: You need to think long and hard about what you want to buy with that money.

Let's get in the car Grandpa and go. I'm GOING TO BUY MY MOMMA A NEW HOUSE!

As I stood in the hallway and teared up, I realized 2 things.

#1...Baby Girl is so very thoughtful and giving. This is just one example of the many I have seen thru the years. She has listened to me and Hubs talk about the fact that we want a new (translation: bigger) house but are waiting until we are more out of debt and God gives us the right place. She knows we can't/won't adopt until we have a bigger place. She knows her room might very well get to be farther away from her Bubba. Ahem. So she wanted with her hard earned money to buy her momma a new house.

...Baby Girl has NO IDEA how many gumballs it would take to get Momma a new house.

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bec said...

If only gumballs grew on trees...