Monday, July 27, 2009

They Stole My Breath all in the Same Day

First, there was this:

He just kept standing in front of me with his sleepy eyes (see the red) with his blankeys in hand. He didn't wine. He didn't talk. He just stood.

So, being the gentle and loving mother that I am...I asked him to stay right there while I grabbed my camera.

He stole my breath.

I held him after I snapped my pic and he took a cat nap.

Later that night we were getting ready for a wedding and Baby Girl's hair was in DESPERATE NEED of some flat ironing. Well, Hubs was talking to me and I got distracted and left it curled under just a hair too long. And her hair did something mine never does.

It curled.

So, we commenced to doing it all over. Once all was said and done, she stole my breath.

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Kelly said...

GREAT pictures!