Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Night Edition #32

Can you guess what last Thursday night's Family Night was?

Yes, it was Mary Poppins night!

My kids love them some Mary Poppins.

Here we have Mary/Jane. Note her cute white gloves and umbrella hooked around her wrist and cute 'carpet bag' on her shoulder.

Here is Bert/Michael with his Mimi and Spiderman umbrella.

We began our evening at #17 Cherry Tree Lane by eating Mr. Banks' gold tuppins (chicken nuggets), tea sandwiches (PB&J), umbrella squares (cheese cubes with umbrellas in them), and what else?

Spoon-fulls of sugar (icing)

This will probably rank as their fav FN just because they wound up having so much sugar by the end of the night.

Then, Mary Poppins got out her tape measure and measured everyone in the house. Of course, MP was "practically perfect in every way". Bert was "stubborn and suspicious". (Those 2 are directly from the movie in case you don't know and if you don't know go rent it and sing in your head 'Feed the Birds'.) Brianna's measuring cam out as "a weird driver". Cracked me up! I guess MP is always honest in her opinions.

From there we did a little penguin bowling...

And Olivia helped with Mrs. Brill's Baking Day when the kids used their easy bake oven (only it cooks with ice) to make 2 cakes.

Then we headed to Uncle Albert's Tea Party. Now, while we couldn't have our tea on the ceiling, we COULD 'Love to Laugh...Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!' to some jokes I found for kids. Isn't MP practically perfect in every way as she serves her guests?

It was time for Mr. Banks' Kite Making. Aren't their kites lovely? Now 'Let's go fly a kite...up to the highest height'...except these won't fly really.

We headed into the garage for Bert's Chalk Drawings with our 3-D chalk.

We ended the evening with some "Raspberry Ice" (sherbet) and of course, the rest of the movie that had been playing the whole time.

Thanks to Katy, Mom, Brianna and Olivia for joining us on this supercalefradecicdegexpialidoious night!

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AliciaG said...

I love that movie and what a great idea for a fun "Family Night!" By the way, I think you should compile all the postings of your family nights into a book and get them published. I bet it would make a fortune! But even if it didn't it would be a wonderful keepsake for the kids to read about someday.