Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Outside Comfort Zones

Comfort zones.

We love them.

Too much sometimes.

That's why when our women's leaders at church came up with this idea and asked for me to help, I jumped on board 100%!

The idea was to create a retreat that would force us outside of our comfort zones. This particular one was designed where we would find 1 or 2 women in the church that we wouldn't normally buddy up with. Someone we don't know very well, but would love to. God has given us this body...this family and He sees each of us that are His as His princesses. He sees the immeasurable value that is in each of us. The preciousness that He designed in each of us. But sometimes we are too caught up in 'cliques' or 'what's in it for us' that we don't get to see all of that value.

So this weekend, we took the time to find that special value in each other that we might not have seen other wise. And let me say, I was truly blessed as were many others. We could always say we loved each other. Now, we know why.

Here are just a few pictures of this night.

We had a few back out at the last minute and some with previous plans, but we were all so excited just to get to be ALL together. Our name badges said "I'm with...." so everyone would know who our new 'friend' was.

We started the night with the human knot. This is a GREAT lesson in communication and learning when to speak up and when to not. This group got completely untangled.

This so much.

This is just a shout out to S and her maaaad cake decorating skills that she has been learning. Go girl!

Our 'ticket' in the door was that we had to call that 1 or 2 that we had chosen and personally invite them as our 'date'. Most even rode together to the retreat which gave an extra time of getting to know you. At one point during the evening we split off and found quiet corners of the place to just be intimate with each other. Everyone had a packet of questions to help the conversation out. It was very sweet fellowship.

T and Mrs. N. Isn't this place beautiful?

Mrs J and D.

After many more relational activities and lessons on the importance of getting to know and cherish all of the women that God has placed in our lives, I think we all learned one thing.

GOD LOVES US SO MUCH to have given us all each other! I mean, stepping outside of comfort zones can bring such a blessing. God has surrounded us with all of these great women because He loves us!

I challenge you...reach out to someone you wouldn't normally reach out to. It just might bless your socks off!

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