Thursday, July 30, 2009


This time, it's not about Baby Boy.

This time, it's not about Baby Girl.

This time, it's about Hubs.

When we first got married and lived in Russellville, Hubs had a job at Cross Auto Supply. He loved his job. He drove a little truck around delivering parts. As happy as a little lark.

We moved to LR and he worked for Alltel. It made a bunch more money, but he was no where near as happy.

After some time off to stay home with the kiddos, he went to work for the Post Office and then UPS. BUNCH more money, but miserable.

And then it happened. He stumbled across a Cross Auto Supply in Conway. Same owner!

And they were hiring for his old job. The job that made him so happy.

So he has worked there almost 3 years now just as happy as can be. I mean, he LOVES it there and let me tell you...a husband who loves his job is worth its weight in gold!

Well about this time last year he was approached about a promotion. A big one. A "praise the Lord and thank you Jesus" one!

Some situations changed and it didn't happen.

Until a week before we went on vacation. David was told he would have it shortly after he returned from vacation. What? For real? We thought this opportunity had passed.

But it hadn't and it was going to be his.

So, last week he got his cell phone in (boys and their toys), he was given money to go buy new clothes and given the keys to his company vehicle (a 2008 Santa Fe). He started Monday and God is already blessing him in this new position! I'm telling you...he was made for this job.

Now, those of you who know him from years ago might not think so knowing how shy he used to be. But trust me, he is in his element.

He's an outside sales rep for Cross Auto Supply...better known as NAPA Auto Parts.

He's in a job he loves with perks (and salary) beyond what we could ever "ask or imagine" and we are so thankful to God for ordering our steps and to Larry for remembering the baby faced young man who worked for him years ago and to Aaron for seeing his potential.

I'm so proud of my little Hubs. He's doing what is right for him and this family and enjoying all the while. He's a proud as a little peacock every day when he walks in the door and I'm so very happy for him.

Not to mention my Baby Girl tells me every day "Daddy has a sweet ride."

See, perks.


Andrea said...

Oh that's awesome!!!! YAY!!! That so deserves a bird chirp song...if only I had that toy...

The Proctors said...

That is so awesome!! He deserves it so much!

AliciaG said...

Oh Wow! Isn't God Good!!! Congratulations to David and your whole family!

bec said...

David, I love you so much and I am so happy to see you so happy! You deserve all the best and it's so great to see you getting all the best! Big hugs!!