Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Many Faces of Baby Boy

I still love my camera. Don't think it has disappeared from the scene. But with everything at church and Dave with school and 1st grade about to start, time has just slipped away.

So the other night I broke it out because Baby Boy had thrown his hunting hat on backwards and kept asking that I take his picture.

He is such the gangsta.

So I was was taking photo after photo and we were having a blast as he kept changing his facial expressions. When I looked back at the photos, I decided to do a tribute to just that.

The Many Faces of Baby Boy (and possible translations on a typical day).

*Disclaimer: He really had just had a bath the night before but those of you with boys know one thing...their nails stay dirty!

This one seems to say: "Sure I may have just pushed my sister, but how cute am I and this gorilla?"

This one seems to say: "I mean, really. See how gentle and loving I am with this gorilla? I'm 50 times that to my sister. Really."

This one seems to say: "Surely you are distracted and don't see my sister behind me about to exact revenge. You can't! You are totally distracted by my charm and striking handsomeness."

(He's three and makes up words all the time.)

This one seems to say: "Did you just call me ornery? Surely not. I mean, look at this face! There isn't an ornery bone in my body. Just ask my sister."

This one seems to say: "Who around here needs a kiss? Any takers?"

This one seems to say: "Don't pretend you don't see my feelers have been damaged."

This one says: "These right here are my power tools. They melt my Momma's heart...and even Sister's if I catch her on a good day."

Why oh why did God give you those eyes?


Kelly said...

LOL! That was so funny about his nails. All of us who have boys completely know what you are talking about! :)

AliciaG said...

It is not only boys that have dirty nails. I am always saying to Camryn after a day at school, "Go wash your hands and use the nail brush.! That is gross and you are not eating at my table with dirty nails!"

Andrea said...

WOW!!! Breakin some hearts is what that boys gonna do!

bec said...

Um...you know they have male models too!! Just sayin'...