Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll Take "Mental Meltdown" for $100, Please, Alex

This has been one crazy 5 days.

Don't worry, there is some good peppered in with the not-so-good. Here we go!

  • Thursday evening we left for a family visitation
  • At same said family visitation I get word my Mommy is needing to be taken to the ER
  • I am over 3 hours away from my Mommy
  • Finally find out at 1:43 am that my Mommy has had damage to her pancreas
  • Begin thinking at about 3:00 am..."NOW who is going to feed and potty my puppy?"
  • Friday morning (NOT so bright-eyed OR bushy-tailed) head to the funeral
  • One of the most beautiful services I have ever been a part of
  • Took some tasteful photos for the daughter (hope to have some up soon)
  • Drove home 3 hours and stopped by the school to find out who Baby Girl's 1st grade teacher is (pained me to even type 1st grade) and that she is in there with her bestest gal pal
  • Met the baby sitter to have her watch Baby Boy while we take Baby Girl (1st Grader) to Murray's to see My Fair Lady with my Daddy and Grandma...worth EVERY penny!
  • Saturday headed to visit my Mommy and let the kiddos wear her out
  • Sunday morning I walk into church, one person says something to me and I break down in tears...I think I was just spent!
  • Baby Boy begins to take some fever and begins throwing up during Sunday night class
  • Yippiee
  • Hubs still encourages me to go out with the women's group to celebrate a birthday and that he will take care o'tha mess
  • God love you, Hubs!
  • Woke up to a still sick Baby Boy
  • Praise God, no sick Baby Girl
  • Realized as I recounted all of these events...God's mercies are STILL new every morning! He blessed me with 2 amazing families to care for, a Hubs that loves me, 2 kids that need me and love me, a church family that I wouldn't trade for anything and a group of women that can make me laugh all my troubles away and a job that is the best source God could have given me.

Final Jeapordy Answer is: Billie

Question? "Who has God blessed even thru some crazy events?"


Tiffany said...

So..I'm just "the babysitter" now!?

How's your momma doing?

bec said...

wish I could've been there to help out. Hope your mommy is feeling better!