Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moments Captured

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took pictures at our Aunt's funeral.

Now, before you judge me, let me explain.

It was terribly hard for me to do. I felt very disrespectful. However, the family wanted some memories. Not just some snapshots, but some memories.

The funeral was completely at the graveside where she was being buried beside her son who drowned when he was 16. That was the initial picture I was to get. So after the service I very discretely snapped some shots of what I would want memories of if this were my mother.

While I would not feel right sharing all that I took, there are a few photos that so impressed me by the words they spoke, I wanted to get them my scrapbook.

I loved that everything was rose colored and rose tinted...since her name was Rose. What a precious memory.

This was her Bible. She had highlighted the Scripture she wanted read at her funeral. The Bible was then to go to her daughter. This was her daughter's rose from the arrangement. This photo just speaks volumes to it did to her daughter. It's a moment...captured.

After the beautiful service, we headed back to my in-laws house. Some friends and family had to leave from the service, but most came for lunch. We counted 77 folks total there.

So, time for more pics.

This is me and Rose's daughter. I LOVE this woman so very much. She was in my wedding 11 years ago and we have been bestest friends since David introduced me to her. I have watched her walk thru many valleys of life and loved spending some much needed "bed talk" with her. Cherished memories for me!

I can't tell you the how much this picture blessed me. This is Johnny and his 3 boys. Johnny raised Stacey and to this day Hubs still calls him "Brother" and means it from his bones. I mean, when Stacey's momma was sick, David talked to him just about every day and wanted nothing more than to get to Stacey when she died. I adore this picture!

These are the remaining siblings. There were 5 girls and 5 boys in the Overstreet crew.

So, since all were gathered and a camera was ready, I announced "Anyone who is related to an Overstreet, please meet under the tree."

Need I remind everyone it was H-O-T that day!?!? I'm sure no one liked me very well, but I cherish this photo as well. I have gotten to know these folks so well the last decade that I couldn't stand the thought of not having a photo.

AND, if you look real close you will see my daughter in the front middle giving rabbit ears to Aunt Barb and sticking out her tongue.

See...Precious, precious, tender memories.


Andrea said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!

Alison said...

Good stuff! I'm sure Johnny and Becky will be wanting that pic of the 4 boys together for the family wall!

The Proctors said... did such a great job on those pictures. I know that her daughter will appreciate them so much. Wow...what a big family!! And...what great memories!

bec said...

Beautiful and tasteful. I am hiring you, now, for my funeral. I love the pic of you and Kim and the one of the Overstreet boys.