Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Night #33

Baby Girl gave me a listing of different ideas of family nights she might like to do. During that list, she piped up that she wanted to do one strictly for Bubba.

How sweet. Especially since he has been feeling so cruddy lately.

So she came up with "Pooh Family Night".

Aren't they sweet?

Our menu, favorite Hunny bear, Bit-o-Honey, picture of the 100 Acre Woods...But notice that little white piece of paper beside Pooh? Baby Girl drew Pooh and Piglet. VERY good job, girlfriend!

Our menu consisted of Piglet's Party Mix, Pooh's Fishin' Sticks, Eeyore's Sad & Cheese (mac), Rabit's Garden Salad and Tigger Cordial.

We started the night by making bumble bees out of egg crates so we could toss them into Pooh's Hunny Pot. They didn't dry before company came over, so we will be playing with Bumble Bee's later this week.

Then we went fishing in Rabit's Garden for carrots. Check out the last picture...poor Belle lost her carrot!

Afterwards, we played Pin the Tail on Eeyore. As you can see, Belle won. What they are holding in their hands is their homemade placemats. It is cardboard with a picture they colored on it. Then, you cover it with contact paper. Voila!

We ended the evening with a riveting Tigger Sac Race.

Baby Girl takes no prisoners.

Sick Baby Brother or not.

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bec said...

Fun times...FUN TIMES!!