Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Very Girly Day

Tuesday, the day before school started, I had already scheduled to take off work and spend the day with Baby Girl.

And JUST Baby Girl.

NO Baby Boy.

Didn't have firm plans as to what to do yet, but we just wanted to be together. Then, earlier in the week when our back-to-school clothes shopping trip went on hiatus due to unforseen circumstances, we saw the perfect opportunity on how to spend our day.

Every year my mom (God love her) takes Baby Girl shopping and spends WAY too much money on her. But Baby Girl never seems to mind.

Really, it's a blessing. My mom never could do things like this for me when I was little, so she is so tickled to do this kind of stuff for my kiddos.

So we set out Tuesday morning at 9:00.

And we got home at 4:00.

Working is easier than this!

No, really. We had a BLAST! Just us girls.

MiMi and Baby Girl ready to shop!

Baby Girl and all her LOOT! Seriously. She wound up with 9 outfits and 3 pair of shoes and 2 new sets of braclets.

And she got treated to lunch!

Baby Boy even scored.

And here is a sampling of her outfits.

When did she begin to look this grown up?

And WHO let her get some blue lips before she took her pics?

One thing she did learn today that I must share. Mom informed her that the more she goes to school the more she will learn and that at one point she will know more than her parents. She was SO EXCITED about that prospect.

Then she pipes up with, "Well, there IS already ONE thing I know how to do that my Momma can't."

I have no idea where she gets this flair for the dramatic.

We sit in anticipation of her answer as she grins her little snaggle-toothed grin.


Thanks, Babe. Thanks.


The Proctors said...

What a special day for you and her! She does look so grown up! I love her cute new outfits too. It's amazing to think that when I first met you, she was just a baby. Man...they grow up fast!

bec said...

LOVING all the brown! She is a fashionista in the making@