Friday, July 10, 2009

Wisconsin Day 1--Guess What?

Day 1 was a little tiring.

Thursday night after Hubs got home, I took the kiddos to Jump Zone so that he could get some sleet and the kiddos could get tired.

Real Tired.

Sweet sweaty boy!

Coming down the slide a little wide-eyed.

Being Silly

Pretty Girl

We loaded up about 10:00 and hit the road. Just a few minutes into the journey and I already had 2 phone calls.

I wasn't the one needing to stay awake here people.

But shortly after my chats both kiddos were done with their movies and were ready for some sleep.

By 6:30 the next morning, Hubs already had us halfway thru Illinois and stopping for breakfast.

Yeah, Hubs!

So the last leg of the trip, do you want to know what I heard? From Baby Boy? "Guess what? We're going to Misconsin!" "Guess what? I'm gonna see Aunt Becky and Uncle Matt!"

For 3 more hours. But I can't complain...they were 2 WONDERFUL kids the entire week!

I called ahead to our hotel to see if they might by any chance have our room ready and they did!

Which, let me give a plug for our hotel.

We usually will stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites just about anywhere we go but this one was exceptional! It was secluded back behind the outlet malls with nothing else around but the beautiful fields of Wisconsin. They served hot breakfast every morning and even had a little kiddie waterpark inside the hotel.


Batman to the luggage cart rescue

We got there and checked in at 11:00 and went to grab some lunch.

My best friend couldn't wait and started driving around the restaurants looking for the car with an AR plate. She busted up in the Micky-D and my kids went crazy!

Oh, so did I.

After some crazy loving and laughing we headed to the hotel for some naps. Then we met the Lovells for dinner and more visiting.

Time for SLEEP!

Oh, but not before the kiddos and I hit the waterpark!


AliciaG said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!!

bec said...

wow-wee!! Fun times...I can't wait to see what happened next!

Jen said...

Can't get over how you got Batman to push your luggage in! ;) Luke is just too cute!