Monday, July 13, 2009

Wisconsin Day 2--Patriotism

*Warning...LONG post with lots of pictures*

By the end of day 2 I felt more patriotic than I have in my entire life.

Even thru the years of the Gulf War when I literally sang "God Bless the USA" at the end of every 8th Grade Glee Club performance and most of the audience would cry.

That's deep.

I know.

We met Becky at her group home to follow the bus of her individuals to the parade. Now, listen. You haven't been to a parade like this. 2 days prior to this parade, the entire route is lined up 2-3 chairs/blankets/chains (to protect your posessions) deep to save your spot for this parade.

They take their color guard and polka music VERY seriously people.

So we get set up and the parade starts. I kid you not...EVERY SINGLE TIME a color guard, military or military family came by the entire parade route would be on their feet clapping and shouting and cheering and thanking them for what they have done. It was wonderful. I kept looking at David and saying, "MAN...everyone should get to experience this."

Don't worry...there were still plenty of firetrucks and tractors and monster trucks to go around.

After all the parade was 2.5 hours.

This was the first time we got to meet up with the Wood bunch. I've known Camilla (I crack up typing that) for years but this was my first chance to mee Bekah and their kids. And we now have a deep history together (thanks to our boys) that can never be broken.

And we'll just leave it at that.

Meet my boy Brody

Precious Cooper!

Waiting for the parade to start

David wanted me to take a pic of this for his work friends. Isn't it kinda cool?

This is completely for my Dad. There were MANY floats with folks in their leiderhosen playing "Roll Out the Barrell".

There was even an AR flag! Oh, and a camel...yes a camel. Elvis was there, but also the Red Hat ladies.

Only in 'Misconsin'.

Can you figure out my son's favorite part of the parade was?

All of our thoughts by the end of the parade

I LOVED the Woods' shirts!

All of the kiddos

Lukey loved him some Coops!

After the parade we headed back for a nap then it was up again and headed to the town carnival. Belle gets very gutsy and will do ANYTHING that Aunt Becky can/will do. So she was doing things as seen below.

They rode lots of other things, but this one was my favorite. This was the pirate ship. YOu can see, he was fine with the pirate ship at first. But then, not so much.

The whole 'family' as we got ready to watch the fireworks show. They even provided 3-D glasses and they were so cool!


bec said...

whew...I'm tired just reading that!! Fun times had by all! The pictures are awesome but my favorite is the one of Luke and Belle on the pirate ship where he's holding onto her for dear life!

Jen said...

What a great pic of you and the hubs! I also love Luke's scared face while on the ride!