Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wisconsin Day 3--Family Night #31

Day 3 broke to the smell of cheese!

Real Wisconsin made-right-there-in-their-dairy cheese.

I'm sure it wasn't happy cheese, though, because happy cheese only comes from happy cows which live in California.

But it was YUMMY cheese!

We spent the morning at Kramer's Cheese just up the road from Becky's house. And we tasted some kind of yummy there! I mean, I would be a cow (no pun intended) if I had access to everything that guy had there. So we loaded up a box choc full o' cheeses and headed back to the hotel for some waterpark fun with Becky while we waited for Matt to get off work.

Then, of course, we had to bring Aunt Becky back for a night at the water park.

Then, the planning came into play for Family Night #31.

See, Becky is always so very sad because she doesn't get to be a big part of my kids daily lives. So, we came up with an idea to take Family Night to her. I planned it all here and loaded it up to take there. We invited the Wood family and had a great time!

Welcome to Clue Night!

Where Mr. Boddy lay.

The lead pipe

Sir Luke Mustard

David's question mark treats

Here was the whole gang. We have (from LtoR) Bekah and Brody Plum, Camie and Cooper Plum, Rebekah and Belle Scarlett, Matt and Luke Mustard, Mr. David Green and Mrs Billie White.

My Mother-in-Law made travel packets for the kids and inside one of it was a scrapbook (aka piece of cardstock) so that they could keep up with what they did on their trip. Belle only wanted to make sure and record one thing.

Family Night.

You will notice there is a color represented for every one. You can even see the 'caution' outline of Mr. Boddy. She was rather distraught that Hubs (Mr. Green) and myself (Mrs. White) did not have a partner, but she kept saying that she thought that Mr. Green had the hots for Mrs. White. True statement if I ever heard one. But notice in this picture who she decided to team Mr. Green up with? Find the other green shirt? It's Noah...aka Fat Cat.

I believe you have moved up in the world Mr. Green.

The last scene of the night...


Alison said...

Ok...the last picture is my FAVORITE of the whole night!

AliciaG said...

How precious...the last scene of the night. So angelic! Sounds like a good time was had by all!

bec said...

This was by far the best family night ever in the history of the world! Your creativity and thoughtfulness is increadible. You thought of EVERYTHING!! It was so much fun and and even more so because Belle and I won the game! She did a fantastic job on her picture...she's so talented!

Jen said...

Love the "traveling" family night!