Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family Night #34

Hey, Mama! Welcome to the 60's!

Well...we tried to stay away from the whole "make love, not war" side of the 60's, so it's more early 60's...the fall over from the 50's.

But that was too much to put on the sign.

This was one of the nights that Baby Girl requested in her listing o' Family Nights.

SHE actually said she wanted an "Ultra Clutch" night, but I couldn't make a night totally surround a can of hairspray.

But we get the picture.

Here's Hubs showing his muscle, Baby Girl and her semi-beehive with poofy skirt, me and my poofy high-waisted skirt and Baby Boy with his rolled up James Dean look showing his muscles.

We are fierce.

Our festivities planned for the night.

We had mini-burgers and fast food fries along with some "Boogie" juice. Later that night we even had Root Beer Floats. YUMM-O!

We started the night making some lava lamp type jugs with baby oil and food coloring and then had a rip-roaring game of S-I-X-T-Y (Bingo). The kids tied.

Then we busted out the 50's-60's music channel on the TV and had a hula hoop contest. Baby Girl even busted out The Monkey and the "twist-twist-twist-twist, mashed potato, Mambo". I'm telling you...she LOVES this music. And I'm not talking like...Yellow Submarine. I'm talking some Chubby Checker and Fatz Domino! She is just like her Momma. We were born in the wrong musical era. I mean, she even sang most of the words to "Sea Cruise". And I don't think we have ever heard Sea Cruise together.

From there we made Shrinky Dinks! I forgot how much I love these little things. I think they will be making a guest re-appearance at her birthday party this year.

After some groovy tye dyed shirts...

We have a great game of Twister that ended with tears. MANY tears.

Once those dried up we watched "Hairspray" while eating our Root Beer floats.

And little James Dean fell asleep in my lap.

How many girls can say that?

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Alison said...

Looks like fun!

AND I cracked up when you said "...his muscle"...singular!