Monday, August 31, 2009


This was what my Saturday-Saturday Night-Sunday consisted of.

Two 7-year-old squealing girls!

These 2 girls have been around each other since, literally, the day they were born. They have never missed each others birthday parties or big events in each others lives. They don't go to school together nor get to see each other all the time, but when they do get together it's like they were never apart.

So this weekend while we were at lunch they started. Do you remember it? The Plotting. The Scheming. THINKING that your parents aren't hearing.

The Plot to get to stay the night.

Now, these girls have spent the night together before so it wasn't any big deal. But this one wasn't planned. The girl had no clothes. But we made it work.

With belts.

But while we were at lunch Baby Boy turned on the charm. You see, her momma is Andrea. And Andrea (or Andura as Baby Boy calls her) has always been on his 'girlfreen' list. So he taps her on her shoulder and says "Hey, Andura. I have a guitar in my mommy's room."

Yeah, that will win you a girl every time. Talking about your Mommy.

Anyway, he was sweet talking her.

Until he found out that her very own Baby Girl was staying the night.

He proceeded to walk over to Andura's Baby Girl and tap her on the shoulder.

"I have a tractor in my room."

She looks at Andura and says, "You just lost your boyfriend."

So, let's add to the squeals of two 7 year old 3 year old boy who wouldn't leave their side and always wanted to know where she was.

I told Andura's Baby Girl (in front of Andura) that I would allow him to marry an older woman. She said "That's cool because then I would have a fun step-dad!" (meaning Hubs)

We laughed even harder when we found out she really said "young"...not "fun".

Sorry Hubs.

But I love this girl and her momma so much! There were no, ZERO, arguments or melt downs the entire 2 days (until she had to leave) and she blessed my socks off when she kept on sneaking in the hallway to just stand there and watch Hubs practice thru his music for Sunday services. She was mesmerized. She touched my heart as I watched her watch him.

And her momma touches my heart as I watch her watching Him!


AliciaG said...

Awww...I am so glad they had a good weekend together! She needs that and I, as her Nanna, appreciate you letting her stay! Also, tell David that I am so glad she has picked him as someone she looks up to. I think she has ve3ry good insight when it comes to male role models. Sounds like they had a great time!

Andrea said...

Well...started out funny...ended up crying..LOL. We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

I laugh so much thinking about Belle being on the train tracks and out of no where stopping to pray you, "Belle, why are you praying?" Belle, getting off of her bended knee and folded hands "I'm asking Jesus to keep me safe". GOD LOVE HER!!!! And Lukey "Andura, I have a guitar in my Mommy's room" HAHAHAHA!!! SO FUN!

Billie said...

I'm crying again for laughing so hard. Oooo...AND...Belle " they commit murders in there?"


Andrea said... fave...Cam "they said on the news that Miley Cirus was dancing with a pole" Belle "what's a pole dancer?" YOU "it's when a girl is trashy and she dances with a pole and takes off her clothes in front of men...we don't do that" HAHAHAHAH!