Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Night Eidtion #35

Remember that list of Family Nights that Baby Girl made? The ones that had some on there specifically for her brother?

This one is quite possibly HIS favorite.

Little Einsteins Night!

Now, Baby Girl loved this show when she was little so I knew she would enjoy it still. But Baby Boy was beside himself!

Let me introduce you to the Little Overstreet Einsteins:

Me=June, the Dancer
Baby Girl=Annie, the singer
Baby Boy=Leo, the conductor
Hubs=Quincy, the instrument guy

We started the evening with our meal from the many places that the LE's have been.

We had Pizza from Italy, Chips and Cheese dip from Mexico, Cheese and Crackers from France, English Muffins from England and Dr. Pepper from America.

From there we made these to prepare for our stop in Antarctica:

Aren't they cute? Olives, cream cheese and carrots.

Then we made some of Leo's batons for later:

We then worked on our very own Masterpieces. Maybe they'll use these on the next LE episode:

Then, it was time to go on a mission. They each loaded up in their (printed) Rocket and they pat-clapped, pat-clapped, pat-clapped their way to the different destinations.

My bathroom (with the shower on and door closed thus creating thick humidity) was where Quincy lost his trumpet in the South African Rain Forest. They had to tiptoe, pianissimo, to the gorilla holding the trumpet and then clap fortissimo to get the gorilla to let go of the trumpet.

Then Rocket zoomed them to Antarctica where June had lost her slippers on a glacier. They had to dancy-dancy-dance across the glazier to retrieve a pair of dance slippers and then dance back to Rocket.

From there we dug thru the sand of the Pacific Ocean in search of Annie's song notes that she lost. They had to retrieve them and get them on the "score" so we could sing her "I Love Family Nights" song (made up on the fly by Baby Girl).

Our last stop was in NYC where a bald eagle had taken Leo's baton. (The Ones we made earlier).

So again...Mission Completion!


Alison said...

Very Cute!

The Proctors said...

That is a great family night! My kids would love that! I'm always so impressed with the ideas that you come up with. Very fun!

bec said...

I don't miss and episode of Little Einsteins! You NAILED it, sista! Rock on!