Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Neatest Kid I Know"

Friday I had just picked Baby Girl up and we were just pulling out of the school parking lot when my phone rang.

Ida Burns.

Why in the world is the school calling me?

"Mrs. Overstreet? This is Mrs. Cline."

Baby Girl's teacher.


But by the end of the conversation I was laughing so hard! She said that she just wanted to let me know that she was the neatest kid she knew. She went on and on about how smart she was and kind and sweet she was and that even though she gets in trouble every now and then for talking (wonder where she got that from) she is the absolute least of her worries and a complete JOY to be around.

Rock on, Baby Girl!

But I just had to share one of the funny things she said about her. Because any of you who know her, this will make total sense.

You have to understand...Baby Girl in many ways thinks, acts and talks way beyond her years. She's still a kid and still acts like a kid at times, but her heart and mind cause me many times to take a step back and try to remember that I'm dealing with a kid here...not an adult.

So Mrs. Cline said that every time she asks the kids to just write and draw in their journals whatever they want to, Baby Girl's is always different. She said while other kids are writing about their dogs or Hannah Montana, Baby Girl chooses to write about things like how purple cabbage juice can decide if something is an acid or a base.

Then she said, "But the most interesting one was the one where she wrote that Princess Diana died in a car wreck. She was married to the son of the Queen of England and they had sons. The End."

I saw the journal entry too.

It came complete with a box car with a very pretty woman in it.

At least she drew her alive.


Alison said...

Oh that is funny!

bec said...

She's the smartest kid in the world.

the Provident Woman said...

Well your baby doll knows some pretty important history. I'm still working on teaching mine to quit kicking people under the desk and listen to ANYTHING anyone says. She's kind of out in space.