Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend a Week Later

Man, I am so up to the minute on my posts that it simply astounds me.

Yeah, last week was a very crazy week for me, so I'm just now getting around to Labor Day weekend!

Um, excuse me, Mr. Government? Can we have one of those every other week? I Labor every week. I don't think it's too much to ask.

Moving On.

Friday night we went to the Vilonia Eagles Football game which is where all of our youth go and/or play/march. We won on our brand new field! Go Eagles! Here are a few shots from that night.

Here are my girls Johnna, Casey, Hailey and Brianna

This is a very special photo for my girlfriend. This pressbox was named after her uncle who was the voice of the Eagles for years.

#16 is my boy Clay. I couldn't get a good shot of him playing b'c he was too fast so here we go.

This is my son's other favorite person. His preacher! This picture is framed and on his desk and one framed and in Luke's room.

On the way home we tuned into the post-game show on the local radio station. One of my girlfriends (aka THE babysitter as she loves to be called) texted her Pops (the voice on the radio) and the next few moments cracked my stuff up!

He talked about my kids on the radio. He said their names 3 times. The first time Baby Girl was just excited to "be a star". Baby Boy still didn't get it. Until the final time he said their names. He goes ballistic! "They said our names! They said our names! That's me. That's you!!!! That's me!!! We're cool. We are on the radio!"

Man, I wish it was that easy to make my world a better place!

Saturday we headed to Grapevine, AR.

Oh, you've never heard of it? Neither had I until I went. We have family that lives there and some other family met us there. We had a wonderful time and I wished I could visit with them every single day.

Now, Yes, I took Nikki with me however I neglected to get any photos.

Except for this one.

And those of you who know me, know why I took it.

I also tasted 2 or 14 of them...

Sunday was church and the nursing home (no photos needed of that) and Baby Girl spent the evening with her girlfriend at the park doing a cookout. When did she grow up and start being a social bug? Wait...she always was.

I went out with my best girlfriends to celebrate one of their birthdays. We got no photos of this as it was spent laughing and crying until (literally) they were vacuuming around us at the restaurant. Girls, I love you more than my luggage!

Monday my folks wanted us to load up and be tourists. So, we obliged. We first headed to the Clinton Library. Now, no matter what your feeling are about Clinton (and I have my very own) this is a great place to just see. I have been there once before with my work but none of them had. And the kids actually really enjoyed it.

Here we are being all touristy

Any of you who know my Momma will laugh at this one. It's her sitting in the chair designated for the "President of the United States" in the Cabinet Room. How appropriate, huh?

I, however, laugh even harder at this Baby Girl tries to look like the President in the chair.

Our touristy family photo. Doesn't Hubs look THRILLED?

On our way out we took off our shoes and ran thru the VERY THICK grass. Country goes to town, people. But doesn't she look like she loves it?

From there we ate lunch and went to the Old Mill. Now, my Momma worked for Glynda Turley for years. Some of her most popular artwork was of the Old Mill. But Momma had never seen it. So we went and it was still as beautiful as the last many times I've been. This time we were trying to capture some shots for Daddy's album cover and insert.

My handsome Daddy

Love this one...even with the shadow

One of the favorites

Had to slip in a few of the kiddos playing on that bridge!

My...look at her!

PS--I chose this one to go on the album cover...

You'd buy a copy...right?

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bec said...

A couple of comments... first, I would DEFINATELY buy a copy! Second, I thought you loved ME more than your luggage...and third, I bought that EXACT dress for Belle for her birthday!! It's wrapped and lying on the floor next to the front door just waiting to be shipped to her for her birthday! Guess I'll have to take it back and get the other one instead! Just goes to show we have the same extremely wonderful sense of fashion!