Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coupon Redemption

At Baby Girl's birthday party back in September, my best girlfriends gave her a coupon. This coupon entitled her to a night out with the girls of shopping. Now, understand...hanging out with my girlfriends is something that Baby Girl LOVES to do.

Remember this?

Well, Saturday night was the night for her to redeem her coupon!

And I'm pretty sure if this was at the Kroger, it would have been deemed double coupon day.

Because you see...a few extra people showed up.

An innocent bystander was roped into taking a photo of our 'crazy'. Check out Baby Girl. She is pointing to herself because that night was all about her!

The 2 divas of the evening. You can tell we don't let them get out much.

She requested Red Lobster and when we got there the manager girl was apologizing about how hot it was in there. When she asked if we were celebrating anything, Baby Girl raised her hand HIGH! So they chatted a while about her birthday and when it was and what she did and for some reason all Baby Girl could seem to spit out was the fact that "my momma wasn't here for it...she was in New York".

Anywho, redemption draweth nigh when they brought out this!

They didn't like it one bit! Actually...I don't think any of the rest of us got any.

From there we headed to the mall. They wanted their photo taken on the escalator and Grammie Tammy was only too happy to help! This was right after she taught them "the mall strut". It was classy. You should ask Tammy to do it for you next time you see her. You'll never be the same.

Our magazine pose. We were working-IT!

Um...I blame Katy for this. And I have no explanation.

This was the girl at Justice who was SOOOOO helpful! And let me tell you...by the end of the evening we had her in stitches!

So Happy Birthday again, Baby Girl! You are such a beautiful and amazing 7-year-old and I'm so glad we got to spend this night with you.

And thanks to all my 'peeps' for making her such a memorable night. It's something she will never forget and neither will I! You guys bring new meaning to friends.

To me and to her...


Andrea said...

So much fun!!! Thanks for letting us join you! Can't wait till we all wear our "kids" sweaters. hahah!!

bec said...

Thanks for letting me be a part of her big night! It was "the most fun!!" Oh, and I better see a picture of the "girls" in their matching sweaters!!