Monday, November 9, 2009

Look Who's Here

Their favorite Aunt Becky!

She is in from Wisconsin for 3 whole weeks! So, she came and we had a sleepover for 2 of those nights. Friday night we just hang out and ate yummy supper and watched a movie and, of course, they drug her outside!

She looks like one happy camper to me...

They played soccer, too.

Saturday morning she went with me on my morning photo session and then out with the girls for a girls night out! I don't think she has quite ever experienced what she experienced that night :-) She even went to church with us Sunday morning but then she had to return to her family by blood that afternoon.

We'll get to see her again while she's here, but these 3 days sure did this little family's heart good.



bec said...

...and it did this heart good to read that post! I haven't had that much fun in a long time...and it was MUCH needed and MUCH appreciated! I love you Overstreets SO much!

bec said...

will you post that picture of me and Luke to your facebook and tag me in it so I can use it as my profile pic?