Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating with Daddy

A few years ago we decided to rid ourselves of the heartache of an untouchable Christmas tree. We then designed our decorations around something the kids would thoroughly enjoy helping with. That's how our "Candy Christmas" theme came about. Is it my favorite decorations of all time? Nope. Am I excited about one day revamping our decorations. Yep. But until then, our kiddos get to thoroughly enjoy our decorations without the fear of breaking something.

So, since they can't break it, they get to decorate the tree every year. AND since I'm the designated photographer, Hubs gets to be the handy helper.

An accidental picture that I happened to love!

Baby Boy was really hoping that the candies were real.

Finishing the tree up with Daddy

Baby Boy's manger scene in his room

Proud of their finished work

I still can't look at them like this without getting a tear in my eye.

Not sure if it's because it's a genuine love or if it's because they are so few and far between anymore :-)


Andrea said...

so cute! we used to have a manger scene that looked almost just like that!

Alison said...

Ok...I have to say that the last picture looks like Big Sis has Lil' Bro in a head-lock (but tryin to look sweet about it)!

Love the hands picture!

The Burns Family said...

OMG - here's the caption on the last pic that is just crackin' my stuff up: "Hold still and look lovingly at the tree, Luuuuuuuuuuuke!"