Friday, November 27, 2009

A Moment Forever Etched

I can remember when I found out I was having a girl. Ecstatic wasn't even able to describe where I was flying at. The ideas of my best friend coming into my life. Sharing about boys and heartaches and girlfriends and makeup thrilled me to now end.

Fast forward to yesterday. Thanksgiving. It started out as a normal day. Hubs in the deer woods, Macy's Parade, tons of food, spending time with my family who are just the most fun, watching the kids laugh their heads off as they play dominoes...a wonderful day.

And then we came home and something happened that will forever be etched in my mind and on my heart.

Baby Girl went to put their dominoes up in her room. A few seconds later she came out BAWLING! As soon as I asked what was wrong, I knew this would be one of those moments I will remember for the rest of my life.

Baby Girl: Nothing is going right for me in my life!

Me: What happened?

BG: I dropped my dominoes. Today has just been a horrible day!

*after trying to show her otherwise tear wiping and nose blowing she says...*


My first instinct was to tell her to just get over it. I'm serious. Don't pretend like you haven't ever thought that when someone is blowing something way out of proportion.

But then I realized...and all of you ladies out there will totally understand this.

Sometimes a girl just needs to CRY!

I even looked up and she had gotten a coke out of the fridge, popped it and was drinking it before I even noticed. I said that she didn't ask (she is always supposed to ask about those) and thru tears in her sweetest voice possible said, "I don't really care right now."

Yes, sometimes we don't.

So she and I loved a little and then thru tears we headed to the shower. She cried thru her shower and while getting dressed. Afterwards she and I piled in the recliner and Daddy brought us a box of tissues.

No words, just tears.

Daddy and Baby Boy surely didn't understand what was going on, but I did. BUT Daddy and Baby Boy went and picked up her dominoes for her.

God love 'em.

From the recliner we headed to her bed and I snuggled with her until she cried herself to sleep.

And this moment was forever etched. Forever.

She came in my room first thing this morning and said, "Momma, I wanted to tell you thank you for what you did for me last night."

I am willing to bet it will forever be etched in her mind and heart too.


AliciaG said...

oh those moments!!! :)

AliciaG said...

wait....somehow this is on my moms name, but this is Andrea...what the heck is going ON?????

AliciaG said...

Oh my goodness...this will be one of many moments such as this. Enjoy everyone of them...for soon, they are gone.
This really is Alicia. I think Andrea was on my computer when she wrote her response. Not quite sure how she got on my name. hmmmmm.