Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Time to Brag

Apparently this is my new favorite past time.

Well, Baby Girl just keeps giving me reasons! It's all her fault. Never mine.

You might remember this post from last year.

Well, Ida Burns is still a School of Character and the word for October was "Responsibility".

And Baby Girl was chosen for that award from her class! Now, I wasn't able to get away and go this time, but Hubs was and he got me some pictures.

Miss Arkansas came and spoke to the school and even sang a song for them.

She said she was VERY surprised...because she just KNEW so-and-so was going to get it. She just knew it!

With the other 1st Graders.

My little Miss Responsibility!

So, I got home from work that afternoon and she hands me a sealed envelope that says "To the Parents of Baby Girl".

It is a letter from the guidance counselor stating that Baby Girl has been selected to become an Ida Burns Ambassador. Basically when a new kid comes to the school she will be 'in charge' of befriending them. She will show them around campus and teach them the rules.

For those of you who know her, this is not only right up her alley but her entire BLOCK!

So I, about in tears, are telling her about this and how proud I am of her and all she has accomplished in her short little 7 years and she pipes up with...

BG: "Does this mean I have a job?"

Me: "Well...YES!"


Me: "Um...no."

BG: "I know. You can pay me in pickled okra."

Me: "Deal."

Baby Girl...you will get paid, just not in anything monetary. It will all be inside.

Just like mine has been all this last week.

I love you.

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Andrea said...

THAT is awesome!!!!!! YAY BELLE....I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!