Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Letter to My Little Man

My Sweet Boy,

I just put you down for a nap on your 4th birthday. Where has this time gone? I always said that 4 was a magical number and you are forcing that belief to hold true. You came into my room just this morning and said, "mommy, look...I'm taller today!"

And you were serious!

I'm looking so forward to this year and your birthday party next month. You just bless your Momma's heart so much!

Are you ornery? Oh, YES SIR you are!
Are you stubborn? Oh, YES SIR you are!
Do you make me want to pull my hair out by its roots sometimes? Oh, YES SIR you do!
Would I trade one moment with you for anything else in this world? Oh, NO SIR! Never!

You are so stinkin funny that you can make it so very hard on us to discipline you sometimes. But we get it in :-) Your ultimate goal in anything is to make someone laugh or smile. And usually you can accomplish that with ease.

And the girlfriends...OH the girlfriends! Sheesh! Let's see...There's Andrea, Camryn, Johnna, Olivia, Brianna, Madison, Hanna, Jessie, and 2 girls I don't even know at the school but you find it in your best interest to try and entertain them every day rather than nap. Seriously? Trust me, girl is plenty to handle!

And besides, I thought you were gonna marry me? At least that's what you said. I still love ya though!

You are too smart for your own good too. I know a lot of it is because your sister is so smart and you look up to her and she teaches you so well. But you are so very smart! Let's keep it that way :-)

And I am pretty sure we know that you will be some type of musician when you grow up. I've never seen a now 4-year-old be able to play an air guitar or drums or keyboard and keep the time you do. Rock on, boyfreen!

I'm just so thankful for you, my Baby Boy. I'm thankful that God entrusted you to me. I pray that He will continue to draw you to Him even now. I can't wait to see what He has instore for you, son.

And I get the privilege to sit back, watch and enjoy!

It's just, could you please not let it happen so fast from now on?

Your Melting Momma

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