Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reasons Why I Love You

So Baby Girl came home with this jar the other day from school.

A baby food jar with red things inside and a sticker on the outside that says "Reasons Why I Love You".

Apparently this jar is designed to assist during times that her parents are upset at her. When we asked her to show us, she obliged by pulling out the slips of paper she has written on and put inside.

For's how this would go...

BG just threw a tantrum and Daddy is upset at her = "My perens ras me good."

BG was mean to her brother = "My parens or osum." (awesome)

BG refuses to go to bed and gets in trouble = "because dad givs good hugs"

BG didn't get around in time this morning = "because mom is creativ"

And there are 10 such sayings for her times of great peril.

I first thought this jar was for us, but I'm coming to realize that it was really for her :-)

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