Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Different Family Vacay Complete With Quotes

A girl couldn't ask for better family. Seriously.

I love my parents and am so tickled that we get to do so much with them.

I love Hubs' parents and am so tickled that we get to do so much with them.

But the fact that our parents both love each other so much makes for a family dynamic that most grandkids could only wish for. They would even do things without us if we couldn't.


So last year we embarked on our first Overstreet/Barber family trip. We went to Gulf Shores and loved it! I mean, how blessed are we for that? Our kids get to see what a family can be like. An entire family.

My inlaws made a trip to Alaska this year so it negated a spring trip for us all. So we planned for a Christmas trip. They voted Branson. Which was fine by me. I grew up making many trips a year to Branson and Hubs and I have been, but the kiddos hadn't been. So after a stellar of a deal, off we went!

One big family vacay!

We headed out Saturday and checked into our Condo and after settling in headed to "The Miracle of Christmas". It was at the "sight and sounds" theater where they do Noah and it was worth every penny. The kids were in love with it and I have to admit...the angles made me cry every time.

I'm such a sap!

Sunday we let the boys go to Springfield and spend the day at the Bass Pro Shop while us girls shopped and shopped. We met them at Lambert's for dinner then headed to do the Trail of Lights drive thru and ended up in the tower. I think the kids were more enamored with the elevator than anything.

After we got home it was gifts time! The only gifts left home were the ones we bought the kids and they will be opened on Christmas morning. But as you can see,
there were plenty to go around!

A pose with papa Joe just before opening

The guitars always come out when we are all together. Christmas is no exception!

I ADORE this photo!

I love this man! My Father-in-Law loves me so much and treats me as his own. and this photo cracks me up! Shortly before this...he was dancing!

Now...allow me to introduce you to some of the things overheard during our gift time:

"If you hyperventilate, you go to the hospital!"


"I'm the best doctor EVER!"

"Fill one side up with bean dip."

"Your Christmas miracle is that I hemmed them."

"That's 1200 grams of insulation right there boys."


Monday was another relaxing day that ended with a trip to the Dixie Stampede. I've been too many times to count, but watching the kiddos enjoy it was like seeing for the first time again.

One of my kiddos favorite things about our condo was the giant tub!

Here's more of the 'rents with the kiddos!

After packing up on Tuesday the boys headed home by taking scenic Hwy 7 while we girls shopped and shopped some more!


While this may seem like a different kind of vacay to many people, it sure is a blessed one for us. One where family is FAMILY!


bec said...

Oh, how I love this family!

The Proctors said...

What a great Christmas! I love all the pictures!