Monday, December 28, 2009

Snippets from Christmas

Well...after the big hoopla and big gifts of Christmas with both sets of grandparents in Branson, we planned a very low key Christmas Day. Our tradition is to always be at home on Christmas morning and not be running about. It's a day for the kiddos to stay in the PJs all day and play with their stuff.

And that's exactly what they did!


We have a tradition that has been passed down from the Nana G where the manger scene is waiting in Baby Girl's room sans Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Beginning December 1st, Mary and Joseph begin their travels from my bathroom (Nazareth) to the stable (Baby Girl's bookcase). Then, on Christmas morning, they awaken to find Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.

Or a wooden facsimile thereof.

After that was present time, present time! After all the paper, bows and boxes were cleared...

Some of Baby Boy's loot. You should have seen him with the Old Spice. I've never seen someone so excited about Deodorant! Lesson #2789 about Christmas...get them what would tickle them to no end!

Some of Baby Girl's loot. You'll notice her loving on the box of a furball. (I'm NOT a cat fan.)

This was her face when she found out we got her the crazy cat:

We had siked her into believing we didn't get it. So she was totally shocked to find she had gotten it.

She even called me a liar!!! I had to gently explain how lies at Christmas are called surprises...

All in all, my kiddos got everything they wanted for Christmas and more. Actually, this was Baby Girl's first year to request something for Christmas b'c I usually just make notes all year of things I think they would like. Then I share it with the Grandparents and save some special things for myself (ie. deodorant!)

Tomorrow I'll try to post on here what they got US for Christmas. My Girl...she is one cool gift picker-outer.

My a boy. That's all I can say!

In the mean time, need any help breaking down any of your Christmas boxes? Or a tree perhaps?

No takers?


bec said...

No Snuggie, right? Good...'cause I'm gettin' it!

Alison said...

Oh my!

#1 - The ears get me everytime!
#2 - EVEN the Lite Brite has gone flat screen! WOW!
#3 - LOVE the look on her face when she opened the cat!