Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We don't do Santa in our house. They know who he is and the point of him, but we just haven't done the whole Santa thing. Not that we think there is anything wrong with people who do or with the Santa concept in general, it just is something we chose not to do for many reasons.

I, for one, think Hubs would have been SO CUTE in a Santa suit ;-) and I'm pretty sure my mad treasure hunting skills would have come in so handy as Mrs. Claus.

However, they both know to keep their mouths closed around other kids to not ruin it for them. And we've been tested on this, believe me!

What is my point. I have one.

Every year each of us take our kids shopping for the other parent. They, within reason, get to pick out anything they see that they think their parent will want.

Last year Baby Boy wanted to purchase me the red strip on the floor at target.

It would have been a treasure for years to come.

So this year, while shopping for their daddy, they picked out one thing each and then had enough money left over to get a gift together.

They were STOKED! We got home and hid in Baby Boy's room to let them wrap his gifts. And let me tell you...Baby Boy's gift should be in the wrapping hall of fame.

Anyway, after they put the gifts under the tree Baby Boy ran straight to his Daddy...

"Daddy! WE GOT YOU A GAME!!!!"

Allow me to cycle back around now...

Here's to hoping Baby Boy doesn't do Santa with his kiddos either. I don't think he could pull the secrecy off very well.

I'm just sayin...

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