Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Look Forward to Recess

"We look forward to recess, he wants to prepare us for a career in knowing and serving him. We long for easier days with no obstacles to overcome; he tests us to force us to learn crucial lessons. In his school, he knows exactly what we need, and he tailors the courses to fit each of us uniquely. Sure we have recess and times to hang out with our friends in the fellowship hall of life. But we also have labs where we are forced to apply what we've learned, or to realize lessons we haven't learned yet.

His highest goal is not for us to enjoy school. His purpose is not to bring us success, but to build our faith. Not to make us happy, but to build our faith. Not to provide wonderful friends, but to build our faith. Not to make us comfortable, but to build our faith.

Get the picture? Most of us don't. We show we are clueless when we whine and complain and quit when we don't get exactly what we want from God. Here's a news flash: God may have a different curriculum than we think he does."

--David Nasser

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Andrea said...

AMEN! True growth is not comfortable and full of roses.