Monday, January 4, 2010

One Vicious NYE

Our NYE 2009/2010 went pretty much like all of our others the past few years.

Laughter, oh lots o laughter.

Just a sweet time with my church family.

This year started off the same. We came together and shared some yummy food. Not to mention 20 thousand pounds of bean dip, but we have our list of folks to thank for that. Had plans for some music and testimonies for later in the evening.

But in between times...we played games. And if you have never participated in spoons with some of our people, allow me to introduce you to...


(Editors Note: ME getting the spoon first!!!!)

and then sadly...this...

You see...our pastors wife who shall remain nameless is M-E-A-N when it comes to spoons. I mean, her chest gets tight at just the mention of the game and her foot starts bobbing up and down and she starts blowing at her hair like the running of the bulls.

And that, of course, fosters a little heated rivalry amongst the parishioners.

And this sweet little face was running around and Hubs got a pic of him!

Good GRIEF, you David-looking thing!

I mean, some sweet men were even playing some beautiful worship music while all the viciousness was playing out right before them!

We did retract the claws for this quick pic though...

All that was missing was An's mini-me.

(And time let's NOT take the photo of your wife looking up. It adds 2 more chins to the 3 she already has!)

This has been a public service announcement.

Once it all calmed down, we headed to the sanctuary where the cutest little couple (who I'm not partial to AT ALL...sure...) led us in some time o' worship and it was sprinkled with some awesome testimonies of what the Lord had done for some of our folks this year. It was a very sweet time.

So sweet that when Hubs and I got up to lead (and then Hubs had to go and say something about what the Lord has done for us) this girl about lost it.

Ok, I did lose it.

And let me tell ya...there is nothing like hearing God's people carry you.

Literally and figuratively.

More testimonies and more singing and we had all intentions of making 10:00 be the new 12:00.

But the blessings were a'pourin'!

But then...oh then...after the last prayers were said and the last kisses for the New Year were dolled out (mainly by my Baby Boy to EVERYONE there)...

...that pastor's wife of mine who shall remain nameless...she said we needed just one more game.

So a few of us obliged.

And got her out in the first round!

Happy New Year to the vicious game players of the VBF!!!

(We really love you, Kerri! Ooops...)

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Andrea said...! despite the fact that I got out of spoons on the first round, not realizing JUST how competitive everyone was...but now that I's on! :)