Monday, January 11, 2010

All That's Left is a Ride into the Sunset

Since my Baby Boy's birthday is actually December 23rd, we now have his parties in January.

Now...birthday parties for my kiddos ARE my gift to them. I love to go all out and make them something they can enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. BB's 2nd party was a Baseball theme and his 3rd was a Safari Hunt. He knew what he wanted this year's party to be for months now.

A Cowboy party!

I took it and turned it into more of a Wild West Cowboy theme. And what fun it was!

His invitations had a wanted poster letting them know that "Wild D" had stolen Luke's birthday party goody bags and he was roundin' up his posse to help get 'em back. Once the posse arrived at the Overstreet Corral they got to pick out their hats, get their sherriff badges and get branded (with brand tattoos). From there they got their red bandanas to keep the dust and hay out of their lungs.

Safety first.

Everyone ate the BBQ, cole slaw and tater salad and with it enjoyed some baked beans, deviled eggs and washed it down with tea and lemonade. Just like in the days of yore.

Or not.

After our picnic it was time for some cowboy skills honing so as to be more prepared for when these cowpoke came across Wild D.

To start off our watch for Wild D, our cowpokes had to stop for a photo op at the saloon doors on their horse.

Grammie Tammy came in and told the Sheriff she was here to help round up the posse. And as you can see...they were serious! I think they were heading for me and I had nothing to do with it!


Part of their training included things like playing "Snake in my boot" to hone their scare tactics as well as "Shoot 'em Out" to perfect their cowboy aim.

They each had to spend some time learning to rope from their teacher, KP. (Who by the way LOVED this party the most!) This way they'd be ready for when that Wild D shows up to rope him and hog tie him. They all got a chance in the saddle to try and get the steer. This one just cracked me up! they all are doing their thing.

Every cowpoke needs to learn teamwork to take those vermin down and a good 3-legged race is the best way to teach 'em.

I found a website that would let you upload photos and names and crimes and it would turn them into wanted posters. So I did all of our family for decorations.

They found him! They found that thief!!!

The sweetest part was that after they took him down and got their good boy went to him and said in the sweetest voice, "You ok, Daddy?"

Time to sing to the birthday boy.

See...I AM crafty! My sweet boot cake.

Then while we worked on cleaning up the barn around there, the kiddos played "Toy Story Mania" on the Wii.

And some adults :-)

Since I didn't get a pic of us two at the party....

This was us headed out to his party with his horse. He stole this filly's heart!

This was the next morning on his way to church in his new cowboy outfit...

My handsome cowboy with his rifle!

And that is the end of another fun-filled Overstreet birthday party! I love you, Baby Boy!

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bec said...

I'm so sad I missed it...although it's probably best I did because the site of me in Wranglers is enough to make everyone wanna ride off to anyplace far away from me! Give my boy a kiss for me!