Monday, January 18, 2010

Project Runway, Jr. Edition

For Christmas this year Belle got quite a few design type things. One was an old fashioned paper dolls from clothespins kit and one was a fashion design notepad that she completely finished in Branson. It had finished head and mannequin type bodies that she could create fashion outfits all day long on. And let me tell you...she filled that thing up in no time with some SERIOUSLY cute fashions.

One of the other things she got was a Project Runway Fashion Line projector. She has paper with sketched mannequins on them and she can pick from various slide shows that which type of pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, purses, shoes, leggings, etc to sketch. In the end she will have designed her own "fashion line".

At first I thought it would just be some simple tracing.


And she is seriously designing some CA-UTE outfits!

Albeit nothing her Daddy would let her wear, nonetheless, she would totally be "IN" if she were on the show.

Hard at work. This is design number 6 of her collection.

See how cute! LOVE the hobo bag and you should SEE the studded tall boots she gave this luxurious blond model.

I'll have to get some pics of her collection when she's done.

Book her now my friends...while she is cheap. She'll do anything in exchange for pickled okra!

PS--I LOVE that she is putting leg warmers on some of them now. Hubs HATES leg warmers!

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bec said...

Just have her put leg warmers on a Debbie Gibson look-a-like and David will LOVE it!