Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swiss Family Barber/Overstreet

Monday we were planning to go and see a friend who was in town. Since my mom and dad wanted to see her too, we just made a day trip of it.

So we headed to Altus to Wiederkehr's. Yes, they make wine there, but the best part of that place is their Weinkeller Restaurant! Since Mr. Wiederkehr came from Switzerland originally, they original wine cellar was converted into a German/Swedish restaurant.

Man oh Man is it tasty!

While we were there, we didn't miss many photo ops with the family.

This picture of My Girl and My Daddy makes me cry just a little.

THIS, my typical of my Mom and Daddy. Cracks my stuff up!

Oh, aren't they being sweet?

My Laughing Boy

My Angel Faced Girl

But this is the "behind the scenes" photo...

Truth is written all over their faces.

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The Proctors said...

Cute pictures of some very cute kids!! Your parents crack me up!