Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Great Big Thank You

Many people helped in some way or another with getting us into this house. Some helped in the weeks leading up to it. Some helped paint. Some helped physically move us. Some just provided emotional support. But I know I could never repay all of these people for their love they've shown us.

And I think they have all said next time I move (never) I need to find new friends.

Just kidding.

I think.

My mentor had a great idea, though. So after a few quick days of planning and inviting and grocery trips it all came together last Sunday evening.

We had a Cajun fest at "the farm" and invited everyone who in some way had a hand in this move. We had a shrimp boil with red beans and rice. Friends brought banana pudding and cookies and cake and all sorts of yummy sugary goodness. And we even ended the evening roasting marshmallows and making smores on the fire pit.

The most exciting part was all but 2 were able to make it. That meant 30 folks in my house.

With room to move still! Those of you who have ever been to my old house know that if I ever even had one more person over we felt like we were constantly running into each other.

Here are just a few pics of our blessed evening.

Our fearless cooks!

Time to eat!

Jim ALWAYS takes horrible shots of all of us shoving food in our mouth. MY TURN!

While folks were inside playing the wii or kids playing with toys or some watching TV while the others roasted marshmallows out back...we threw together a shoestring band.

They didn't kick me out of the neighborhood!

For a while the kids and the college girls played "Just Dance" and it was hilarious. But at the end of the night these 4 women came in to play.

...and it. Was. PRICELESS!!!!

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