Friday, October 15, 2010

Last I Knew

Last I knew he still couldn't balance enough to walk.

Last I knew these freckles were cute...not BEAUTIFUL!

Last I knew she had to hold him up when they took pics together.

Last I knew he only had eyes for his Mommy.

Last I knew she did this as an 18 month old but because she was bored with me...not becuase she really had so much on her 8 year old mind.

Last I knew, I was the momma of babies.

These pictures tell me that the "last I knew" is now over...

More to come on Facebook later tonight. But get some tissues. It's not an easy task.


Dusty Hankins said...

that crooked smile kinda reminds me of her momma

Kelly said...

Not an easy task is right. They are growing up so quickly!!!!