Friday, October 8, 2010

You Are

She had been working on a project for her Daddy. It was a book. A mini-book to be precise.

She had spent all week working on it and making sure I kept dad out of the den and away from her hiding spot so he didn't see it.

It was a mini-book about outer space since she "know he always really wanted to be an astronaut."

She told me last night when I got home from my photo shoot that it was done and waiting on him to finish his work outside, but that in the mean time she had something to show me.

I thought that it was Daddy's book. But it wasn't...

It was one of my very own called "You Are".

I commented how sweet it was and remarked on how awesome of a job she did creating books. I mean...check out the stellar binding technique and NO it's not electrical tape. And the background on the front? That's a road. You'll see why in a minute.

But then...I tried to read it and I stumbled trying to read the first word she had written so she offered to read it to me. She took the booklet and began to read and didn't look up until the end.

When she did, I was a basket case. I wasn't just teary eyed, I had full on started the ugly cry.

Which made her cry.

Here is the story she made up and wrote on her own (with my spelling corrections). Complete with compelling imagery that she drew herself!

You Are
(Inside Cover) Dedicated to Mom
(Page 1) You are the guiding hand
(Page 2) that leads me throughout my life.
(Page 3) You are the one that made me how I am.
(Page 4) You are one of the girls
(Page 5) that are the most important ones in my
(Page 6) life. You are like that sock I never want to let go of.
(Page 7) You are my shield. You
(Page 8) are MY MOM!
(Back Cover) Illustrated by Belle

So we sat in the recliner and hugged and cried until Daddy came in and she rushed to get his book and read his to him. And even though his was all about stars and outer space and the moon and blah and blah and blah, my heart was still gripped... the sock.

I love you, Baby Girl. YOU ARE everything to me. Period.

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