Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My family and I have had an amazing opportunity to watch God's redemption be played out right before our eyes over the last few months.

We just didn't know it until today.

Shortly after Baby Girl started 2nd Grade at her new school, we came to realize she was being bullied. It broke this momma's heart into a thousand pieces as I watched Baby Girl agonize daily over facing this girl who was calling her names like fattie, chubby, ugly and large. She was doing it on the playground because that was the only time that they would be together.

I, of course, wanted to just kick this girl. HARD! But I tried to use this opportunity to instruct Baby Girl to just politely walk away from her. That obviously this little girl had some issues going on in her life that was causing her to pick on others. Baby Girl's response? "I can't hurt her feelings like she hurt mine, Momma."

So, Baby Girl decided to pray for her.

And the days seemed to go a little easier. She still seemed sad every day, but she was just making the choice to suck it up and move forward one step at a time. We had talked to the teacher and the bullying was kept to the minimum, but it was still taking life from my Baby Girl. My Girl was choosing to show the Bullier compassion and pray for her every opportunity she could.

We could all learn so much from her.

So then, Baby Girl decided to write God a letter that I wrote about here.

And that was that.

Until Today.

I picked her up from school and she tells me that she has a letter from Bullier in her backpack that she wants to show me.

It read:

Sorry for calling you chubby. You are a good friend to me. I should not be mean to a good friend like you. Thanks for being a good friend to me. Love you.

Oh. My. WORD!

There are umpteen million praises that can are all wrapped up in this one thing! The things that Baby Girl learned, Bullier learned, this Momma and Daddy learned, Baby Girl's teacher and who knows who else.

And I couldn't be prouder of my Baby Girl for being so much more mature than I ever would have been at her age.

But most of all, I couldn't be prouder of My God who cares about every detail of His children's lives.

Redemption in action.


Mandy said...

This made me cry. If we all prayed this way for those who hurt us, think of how tremendously it would change the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this brought tears to my eyes,,, actually I cried like a baby. I am so proud of Belle. She is such a sweet and beautiful young lady!

Tell her she is amazing!

Love you all.

Kathy White

The Burns Family said...

Wow!!!! So wonderful!