Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Cowboy Who Loves to Camp and Fish

When I asked Baby Boy almost a year ago what he wanted his next birthday party to be, he said in a very joyous and loud tone..."CAMPING!" Easy enough. We have done a camping Family Night before and I could just go off of that. As the months went on and I double checked with him, he still stuck with Camping.

But about 3 months ago he decided to throw in that you can't go camping without going fishing.

So, Camp Wanna-Hugga-Lukie was born for his 5th Birthday Party!

Of course when deciding what to wear to his camping/fishing party this was the outfit of choice. I mean...cowboys go camping too, right?

Now...I have to slip in here my absolute favorite parts of the night for his scrapbook. We got there early to work on getting the rest of the food ready for the guests. He was sitting in one of the camping chairs and asks where all his "fwends" are. I said that we were early and they would be here in about and hour. He slaps his wrist a couple of times and emphatically states, "THEY HAVE TO BE HERE ON TIME!" Well...then he goes to take his boots off and I tell him to leave them on because when his friends start showing up he's going to want to run out to meet them. Sure enough...one group had already arrived and one of his buddies had just pulled up in the drive. He comes running in to put his shoes on and I informed him that I told him not to take his boots off. He stops, turns to look at me, shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well...I wasn't listening."

Oh, the foretaste of years to come.

Anyway, we had a great time and I was so glad he had so many friends there to make memories with!

You can't see a couple of them in this picture (including my very own birthday boy), but they were all crammed into this tent (ten of em!).

Here's all of the decorations for the party and the yummy food table. We had charcoal grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, baked beans, cocktail weenies, cheese puffs, lemonade, sodas, and juices. But my favorite part were the ants I had on the picnic table!

After getting our grub on, it was time for the Cabin activities! In Cabin #1, we made trail mix. Cabin #2 we played Gummy Worm Relay. Cabin #3 we had story time in the tent with the lights off. In Cabin #4 we went on a treasure hunt to find our goody backpacks that had our smores kits in it so we could hit up Cabin #5. Cabin #6 we got to pile into the boat and go fishin'! After cupcake time, we headed over to the Cabin Gear Drop-Off to open all of our fun presents!

Thank you all for helping make such great memories for my sweet boy's 5th birthday!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of his day. We had a great time!