Monday, January 10, 2011

I'll Check for Frostbite Later

Cumulative so far...1.5 hours in the freezing cold! And they are planning for more when My Man gets home!

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the squeals and screams and watching the snowball fights and real throw down fights as I would come and go taking pictures. (Yes, now that they can safely play outside within their boundaries, I don't have to stay out there and freeze 100% of the time myself!)

The first thing I noticed was how much more majestic the blanket of snow looks in the country than it does in the city. Absolutely breathtaking! AND, now that we have more land that equals more fresh snow and that equals way more playing time.

Mmmmm...WHITE snow!

Snowball fights. My Favorite!

We never really had need for a sled before, but at this house, we do! But we made do with a flattened cardboard box.

They had a blast every time they would try to get on it and it would take off knocking their feet out from under them.

We have greatly enjoyed our snow day even though Daddy couldn't stay and play with us. However, he just got home and I hear that Deborah Grace and Marvin are on their way over here with a snow tube. Gotta get that camera warmed up again.

And my long johns out of the dryer.

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