Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Modern Day Tragedy

This weekend has been a very...uh...different weekend for our family. I had to come up with creative things to keep my kids calm and/or out of the house in general. This meant for almost all day each day they have been together non-stop.

And for those of you with more than one kid, you know what this means. PLEASANT TIMES! They have done just about everything they could do to irritatie the mess out of each other.

So, this morning it came to a head as we were on our way to church. We hadn't been in the car 4.35698 seconds when it started. The poking, the bickering, the raspberries, etc. My Man tried to nip it in the bud, but they weren't having it. My Man had enough and we let them know that there was no way we were going to drive to Gulf Shores in a few days with THIS!

They interpreted that to mean that we were no longer going to Gulf Shores.

The condo is non-refundable. But some things just don't need to be shared with everyone.

We made it thru church and then off to lunch. It was on our way home from church that Baby Girl asked for a piece of paper and a pen as she needed to "work on her presentation". We got home and she went to the desk and began working even harder. A quick nap and even more diligent work. But the point where I got scared was when she decided to get her brother and hide in her room while they finished work on "the presentation".

They came out and asked us both to sit on the long couch and turned on the recessed lighting in the living room. And thus began the following presentation...A Modern Day Tragedy.

Baby Girl: (holding up a drawing) Little Brother has received his grades on states.
Baby Boy: (looking very sad) My dreams have been shattered.
BG: (new drawing) How can we avoid such a horrible tragedy?
BG & BB: (sing songy together) Arkansas, Arkansas from Texas to Missouri to Chicago all the way to.........

(They went behind the couch to change. They emerge in bras on top and clothes made into hula skirts and beaded braclets on their ankles.)


Then they proceeded to do some crazy hula dances that ended with "CAN WE PLEASE GO TO THE BEACH!?!?!?!?"

We made them sweat it out a bit. Sent them to Baby Girls room while we "talked it over". We were instructed to call them over the walkie talkies when we had come to a decision, so we did. My Man got on the WT and said, "We need to have a family meeting in the kitchen."

"Yes sir."

After a short speech he let them know we would continue with our plans to go IF they would keep being sweet to one another.

This should be a very interesting week. But I guess whatever ti takes to avoid this tragedy...


Lori said...

HYSTERICAL!!!! It is amazing what kids will believe! Bren thinks it is a rule that you have to be 5 to go to Disney World. No one better tell her anything different!

Mandy said...

How creative! They could have just begged and pleaded and said how sorry they were like most kids would do! lol!

Alison said...

Sounds like a great presentation! I hope it doesn't back-fire! LOL!