Thursday, March 17, 2011

Re-Post for A Special Birthday Girl

(Originally posted 3-17-09)

Yes, this one was a special edition.

A VERY special edition.

You see, we actually did this on last Tuesday, the 10th. But it can finally be revealed today, the 17th.

St Patrick's Day...

...aka Rebekah Marie "Gor-Ham what kind of ham is that" Lovell's birthday!

And since she lives so far away she is always very sad that she never gets to be a part of our lives or our fun things. So, this time, it was all about her!

Here is our typical family night photo:

Yes...we will do anything for Becky.

Even putting an unflattering photo of yourself squished up in your loveseat with a buttondown shirt on. Score 55 for me on the friend factor for that one.

Now...we wanted to make sure she felt like she was here with us...celebrating her birthday. So, we did it all in video.

A few things you need to know before you watch it.

1...Everything you see here may look absolutely silly to the normal eye. But to Becky, the birthday will all have very deep meaning.

2...The cake is a quote from her favorite movie.

3...Becky is a sonic fiend! And all these years she has lived without one where she lives. They finally put one in about an hour away just this year and I think she probably pulled up and got her sonic drink fed to her intraveneously. She is SERIOUS about sonic. I mean, for her birthday last year I sent her a sonic t-shirt. And all she gets this year is this stinkin' video.

5...yes, she LOVES NKOTB and that is a picture of her with them.

4...I'm not a professional video editor and I do not own a Mac. 'Nuff said.


Happy Birthday, Aunt Becky! We'll be lovin' you, forev-ah...just as long as you want us to be-ee.

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