Friday, March 4, 2011

Raise That SCORE!

For years I had heard about it and information had been sent home about it. And everytime Baby Girl would beg to get to do it. And every time she was in the middle of doing gymnastics or something like that. And our rule has always been one extra carricular activity at a time. You want to do something else, you have to stop the other.

But this year when the information came home, she jumped right on it! "Mooooommmmm. I'm not doing anything else. Can I please please please please!?!?!?"

I'll talk to Dad.

Immediate sad face. She just knew he wasn't going to let her.
Immediate happy face when he told her she could.
Cheer for Upward.

The season is now over and we have had a blast watching her enjoy doing this. She wants to do it again next year and her little brother plans to play baskeball with them next year.

So here she is...The "Dazzling Diamond" herself!

Go Upward, Go!!!

Every practice they got a participation sticker (green). Then, after each game they would get a sticker for what they were the most that day. For instance one may be for knowing their cheers, one may be for loudest, etc. But this one...the white one is my favorite. She got it after the first game and after the last game. It's the sticker for being the most Christlike.

Good job, Baby Girl. Good job!


Mandy said...

Way to go Belle! So proud of you!!

Lori said...

YAY!!!!! That is awesome Belle!