Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do We Need to Exchange Goats or Something?

I love Facebook. I like to interact on Facebook. Facebook cracks my stuff up!

But sometimes Facebook reconnects you with old friends that now get to become new friends and that's pretty daggum sweet in my book.

Such a case happened a number of months ago. My junior and senior years of high school me and my crowd participated in a school function for SADD. They brought in this group called "Freedom Force" (aka BCC by night) who put on an awesome assembly about various issues teenagers face. We began "touring" (doesn't that sound fancy) with them to local schools and doing our part of their program. During this process we all became fast friends and some of us even dated a few of those older boys (ooohhh lala!)

Then college came and life happened. I was able to stay very close friends with one of them, Lance, because his dad taught at my college and we still hung out a couple of times a week. But for the most part, we lost touch with the rest.

Enter Facebook.

I was able to catch up with some of those old friends. But one in particular actually lived in my town. So, we made plans for our families to get together one Sunday afternoon. We quickly realized that:

1. His wife and myself were actually twins separated at birth and now reunited like we never missed a beat.
2. Their oldest daughter and my son will ALWAYS have to be chaperoned.

You see...they quickly became boyfriend/girlfriend. Now, that's nothing new since Baby Boy has a LONG list of girlfriends. But nonetheless, every time we get together with them he has to have his hair fixed and cologne on and she has to wear all of her jewelry and put on her "farfume". Then we meet up and he starts the wooing and she plays hard to get.

Typical relationship.

Well...they have recently declared their intentions to marry one another. He even met her Nanny last night and firmly asked "Do you love me too? I'm gonna marry Brenna."

So when her mom asked last night if I was gonna put up the "engagement photos" I laughed out loud! The last couple of times we have been together my Baby Girl has brought her little pink Kodak camera and captured their blooming relationship on film.

Without further adieu, here is your official "Save the Date" notification:

June whatever, 20-whatever. Save the Date!

I'm a firm believer that you should always be able to goof off together.

When my Girl showed me this picture she took I originally wrote it off b'c it wasn't a good quality pic. But then I lightened it and took a closer look. You can't deny that spark captured here.

I think I just threw up a little...

Hat's off to schmoozing the sister in law there, Brenna!

So help I need to ready the goat or a chicken?


Andrea said...

I have to heart is broken into a million pieces right now. *sniff sniff*

Lori said...

I couldn't ask for a better future son in law!