Monday, April 11, 2011

Me and Her

This weekend was one of those weekends I will remember for the rest of my life.

And I hope she will too.

I've been following Vicki Courtney's blog for quite some time. Her ministry addresses issues that kids and teens (mainly girls) face today that attempt to destroy them. For a number of years she has hosted what she calls the "You and Your Girl" conferences where she talked to mothers and daughters about the relationship they should have and what God wants them to become as Godly young women.

So, when they decided to try and do a simulcast with it this time, I looked up host churches in Arkansas and was excited to find 2 in Arkansas. Shortly after this, it came up in talking with my best friend from High School. Her daughter and my daughter were born just months apart and have been besties for as long as they can remember. They are each other's "Go To" when they need it. And Mandy and I couldn't be more thankful for each other and for our girls' relationships with each other.

So it only made sense for us all to go together.

We went up Friday night and got a hotel room so we could just spend time with each other and our girls. We got there and quickly settled in so we could get our swim on!

Our sweet goofballs!

After we swam in the pool and then kicked it in the hot tub for 2 solid hours by ourselves, we headed back up to the room for some snacks and baths and, obviously, TV.

Mandy and I layed and girl talked while the girls played on the couch until almost midnight. It did our hearts good, but sure made for an early wakeup call. It was worth the sacrifice though!

Here we all are about ready to head to the church.

Our girls are excited!!!!

Let me just say...I don't care how long or short you have been a mother of girls. EVERY mother of girls ages 8-18 should do one of these evens with their daughters. I mean, Baby Girl and I (as well as Mandy and her daughter) have a phenomenal relationship. But this directed time spoke volumes to both of our hearts and bonded us in a deeper way.

We all came together for worship and then the first session where she talked about the issues that the world throws at our girls. That this generation of girls are faced with too many choices and therefore are never satisfied. How true is that? And that statistically, this generation of that age group is more stressed and depressed than the generation of the same age group that went thru the depression. Holy SMOKES!

From there we broke up into the breakout sessions. Our girls went and learned how to realistically understand respect for their mothers and following with obedience. During this time Vicki Talked to us mothers about what God has given our daughters to us to do. And that is to ultimately return them to Him and the practical ways to use our OWN talents and abilities to do that.

After lunch we broke out again. Our girls had an hour on modesty while we watched Vicki lead a panel of christian counselors with questions that real moms had asked. I'm telling you, we were bawling! Mandy and I would just talk about our girls and how much this was speaking to each of us...thru our tears. What a blessing!

Afterwards we had our last session together where we had an opportunity to talk to our girls and ask them very pointed questions that upon hearing our girls answers about brought us to our knees!

I'm just so thankful for these girls in this pic and for the opportunity we had to just be girls and bond this weekend. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

And I think she will too. And THAT matters the most.

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Mandy said...

This made me cry all over again. I was just going thru and typing up my notes from the simulcast in a more legible format when I decided to check facebook. This was just posted. I don't think it is a coincidence, do you?