Monday, April 4, 2011

The Seed

I want them both to remember this happened.
After years have passed.
After time has caused more arguments between them.
After time has healed all wounds between them.
After careers are in full swing.
After spouses have been loved.
After children of their own prefer to come to my house.
I want them both to remember this happened.

Thursday evening we went to the funeral home to pay our respects to a family who has pretty much become our family. While there Baby Girl picked up one of these witnessing tracts.

We've seen them everywhere and even read one while waiting on my of my BFFs in the emergency room late one night. Baby Girl put it in her pocket and I didn't think anything else about it.

Until yesterday.

You see...Baby Girl has always astounded me with her insight into things. For instance when my girlfriend was cutting a double fudgey chocolate triple fudge cake at my house the other night and offered us some, Baby Girl and I turned it down because neither of us are the fans of the chocolate. But as Lori cut Baby Girl says, "You know...sin is just like chocolate. It looks good and smells great, but it sure does taste awful."

You see...Baby Girl has been very concerned for her brother's spiritual life. Or lack thereof. Every now and then I will hear her quip something back to him about it being because he doesn't have Jesus in his heart. And of course Baby Boy will quip back to her "I am too in Jesus' heart!"

I have no doubt that he is ON Jesus' heart, that's for sure.

So yesterday we were on our way home from lunch and I hear Baby Girl quoting from Romans 8. No big deal. But then I hear her ask Baby Boy: " you know you are a sinner and are right now separated from God?"

And so My Man and I turned down the radio and listened to her share The Gospel with her little brother. Every so often she would stop and ask him questions. And he would respond with statements and questions of his own. It blessed my heart! Toward the end he began to loose attention and talk over her. She was getting very frustrated that he wouldn't listen to her. So we told her that this is a perfect picture of how hard it can be for her to share The Gospel with folks. That her brother was actually doing very well and letting her talk more than some people might. But that she can never give up hope!

We let her know how proud of her we were, but what made her grin from ear to ear the most?

When we told her that this very moment was what is meant to "lay up treasures in Heaven".

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Lori said...

I love this. And you are right, Baby Girl is very insightful. She made another comment that night that blew me away. She is the product of good, Christian parenting. :)