Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Mini-Vacay with Lessons Learned

We enjoy taking vacations every now and then with both sets of our parents/grandparents. We usually rent a big something somewhere and just enjoy each other's company. Do we get on each other's nerves sometimes...well sure! But it's worth it in the end to have our kids get to enjoy both sets of grandparents at the same time.

In 2008 we started this tradition with a trip to Gulf Shores. We knew we would go back, it's just life got in the way. Well ever since then my kids kept asking to go back to the beach. It wasn't looking likey for this year again due to the fact that My Man and I had already booked ourselves a little honeymoon getaway to the Bahamas for this summer. That sucked up funds and My Man's vacation time.

But when spring break was creeping upon us and we were trying to make sure Baby Girl wasn't too awful bored on her 2nd grade spring break, I said "I wished we could make just a quick trip back down to the beach with 'em." My Man said, "Let's do it."

What? 8 Hours one way for one full day and 2 half days on the BEACH? Why not? People thought we were crazy, but why not? Who cares! It was fun with my kids and giving them what they had been wanting. So we talked to both sets of parents and they were all on board. A few clicks of a mouse later and the San Carlos was booked!

Now this place was pretty sweet and was only about $20 per family more than the place we stayed at last time. It was very~very nice and was stocked with things that we had to buy at the last one and had more than plenty of room and breathtaking views. But MY favorite part? Three. Full. Bathrooms.


YOU try making 2 bathrooms live with 8 people. Not pretty, folks. Not pretty. Here each of us had our OWN bathroom and it was a lot more pleasant :-)

AND I'm thrilled to report that Baby Boy...with hardly any napping the entire time...only got in trouble ONCE. One time people.

It is a true Christmas Miracle!

Of course it could be because he was throughly enjoying himself...

Here is pretending that "this is the life" as he told us. Yes, Baby is!

Now...on to some lessons learned:

Lesson #1: Your 2 kids who are more often than not going for the juggular can really be very sweet and get along splendidly for 72 consecutive hours if you put them in their swimsuits, let em go and say, "Just don't drown! I'll be here napping if you need me."

Don't believe me? This was pretty much the entire time...

Lesson #2: Kids can make Grandparents do just about anything.

Lesson #3: Spending every evening on vacation walking the beach in the moonlight without your kiddos can make you remember just why Your Man makes your heart skip a beat.

Lesson #4: Family is Family and sometimes you just need a good reminder that life is short to understand that blood really is thicker than water.

Lesson #5: That chubby little baby girl that you wake up one day and realize that more times has passed than you realized and now...

...she is breathtaking...

Lesson #6: Crack really does kill. And his kills me every stinkin' time!

Lesson #7: Watching your loved ones make memories that they will never forget makes a memory YOU will never forget.

Lesson #8: Call it what you want...Super Moon...Full Moon...Man in the Moon. But sometimes standing in awe of what God has done in the beauty of creation makes you all that more thankful for lessons 1-7.


Lori said...

Love, love, love!

Andrea said...

These are AMAZING pictures. my heart skips a beat at the one of the kids at the elevator.