Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day: Excel Spreadsheets, Flooding and Happy Pills?

My Man bounded out of bed at 6:45 am. I smooth went back to sleep. But then he woke me up and told me to start getting ready. Next thing I knew I was being beckoned to the kitchen.

Apparently Baby Girl had been on "Momma steakout" for just the right moment.

For this.

Apparently 2 weeks ago Baby Girl hatched a plan.

And guess what she did? She hand wrote out her very own excel spread sheet. Ohyesmaam! I have never been prouder. It was called: The Mother's Day To Do List.

Get Up at _______.
Baby Girl--get projects, make toast, sing song
Baby Boy--Orange Juice, bring book, biscuits
Daddy--eggs, oatmeal, song

My. Heart. Swells.

You see that book there...the one laying flat? Allow me to elaborate on that one. It's called: "Poems of How We Love Mom" When you open it up, there's a Table of Contents. This girl thinks of EVERYTHING!

Page 1: Baby Girl
Roses are red, Violets are blue
You don't know how much I love you
You give us some hugs
And kisses too
There's many more reasons
Why I love you!

Page 2: Baby Boy
Mom you sing good
You bring good presents
No matter the Holiday
You're fun and funny
Thtat's why I love you

Page 3: Daddy
Day upon day you light up my life
I am so proud to call you my wife
With each tomorrow I'll look upon your face
and thank the dear Lord for His soverign grace
To give you to me to have and to love
Until such a time as we worship above!

And just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I got serenaded...

With an original song:

"Even tho it's not your birthday
Mother's Day is here.
We all know your kind is cool
So give all moms a cheer.

Awesome and original.

Look for Baby Girl's album to be out next fall.

From there I got all my cards and gifts. See that red plate in the back? They got me my set of plates I had been wanting. I set all their cards up with all the other cards I had gotten from Tammy and Deborah Grace and the wonderful homemade stuff I had gotten earlier in the week from my kiddos.

Like this for instance. I've never seen a footprint look cuter!

A beautiful pot from my sweet girl.

This cracked me up! This was the back of Baby Girl's homemade card. It says "I'm your nerd."


Another craft from My Boy. can stop growing now.

They were both so proud of themselves, as they should have been. And as I hugged the kids and thanked them both for the amazing surprise, I said something to Baby Girl. I told her that I thought she would make an amazing mother some day.

Her response? "Will I have to take Happy pills in order to be one?"

LOL!!! Uh...let's hope not darling.

From there we loaded up and headed to church with my best friend and someone who has been a mother to me spiritually. Tammy.

We spent the day with her momma and family. We even had us some Who Dats! Yumm-o!!!!

Now...they are from Bald Knob. Which right now is where most traffic on the interstate is being re-routed thru due to the flooding. So we ventured out to some of the roads of their home town to see just what was going on.

And my heart broke! We actually watched as an 80+ year old couple was put in a boat to make a trek out to their house.

Where the water was up to the middle of the windows.

It made me hold these a little bit tighter...

...because you matter how much they fight. No matter how crazy they make me. No matter how much they make me laugh. No matter how much they make me cry.

They are mine and they rise up and call me blessed!

And life is perfect.

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Andrea said...

aww!!! so sweet. all i got was a "oh its mothers day? no wonder everyone was saying happy mothers day...happy mothers day momma" :-/