Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So What if My Allergies Kicked In

After everything we have gone thru with Baby Boy at his old daycare, last night did make my allergies kick in just a wee bit.

He graduated pre-school!

(Sorry for the fuzziness of all of these pics, but I never made it home yesterday before his ceremony to get my real camera. iPhone to the rescue!)

This is him and his teacher, Mrs. Stacy. She is AMAZING! She was a Kindergarten teacher in her previous life and has helped My Boy advance so quickly. She told me after graduation that he is such a bright kid that she assures me that there will be no problems for him in Kindergarten. And as excited as he is, IM now excited for him to start Kindergarten!

His ceremony was at Larry's Pizza in their party room. First the kiddos lined up to sing us some of the songs they had learned this year. Uber CUTE!

Where's Waldo?

Their shirts were so sweet.

My Boy and his BFF, Caleb. Apparently separating them is their form of punishment at school that LITERALLY straightens them up immediately. They will be in school together next year too. I'm praying for their teacher.

My Boy with his big boy diploma! He was so proud.

The Big Boy with my mom and the scrapbook page the school did for him.

My Man and his Momma

My Girl and her Grandpa

Me and My Goofball Graduate

I have no idea where he gets this stuff from. I mean, me and My Dad are soooo normal!


Moving on. From there we headed back to my house where...

Grammie had made him his celebration cake...

And his sister took a streak from me and decorated the house...

With some of My Boy's favorite things.

So you can totally understand why my allergies may or may not have kicked in just a wee bit last night. My Girl must have stirred up some dust with all the decorating and all.

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