Friday, May 27, 2011

She Can't Be Mine

Studies have shown that while usually children exhibit triats from both of their parents, they usually have a tendency to exhibit more of one than the other by the time they reach adulthood.

I know this. She can't be mine.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking. She IS me. I mean...we wear the same shoes, she has the same wierdo sense of humor as me, and we are so much alike we make the fight between the North and South during the Civil War look like a kid playing with his GI Joe toys.

But this...this proves we weren't cut from the same cloth.

Trust me. I can't even draw a stick figure and make it look halfway decent. And don't EVEN ask me to draw a person or animal.

They look like a horrible attempt at cloning...

Good job, Baby Girl. I'm glad you weren't cut from all my cloth!


april said...

wow!!! those are all all terrific!!! i hope you framed them!! i totally would... :) she is quite talented!!

Mandy said...

Well, may be she didn't get the ability to draw from you. However, judging by the design of the 2nd picture, I'd say you still had a part in that. May be not the drawing, but the colors and design!

Matt Gorham said...

Very Nice Art Belle