Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Things I Learned in Brasil ~ Licao de Cinco

Or Lesson #5 ~ Resting in Contentment

This was my favorite lesson. I have had a mentor in my life for 10 years now who has slowly helped me to realize what true contentment is. It is not in keeping up with the Jones'. It is not in status. It is not control. It is not in perfection. It is not in my image.

It is in finding joy in exactly where God has me and what He has for me.

A friend and I were just talking about the the other day. About how WHY do so many people feel the need to make sure every thing looks perfect from the outside looking in? Why do so many people have to have more and more and more just to feel good about themselves? Why are friendships and relationships so shallow anymore with people who feel the need to be this way?

It all centers around learning to be content! I'm thankful to now be in my 30s and have learned so much thru the years about that very concept. Did I make mistakes along the way? Sure. Do I still make mistakes? You bet! But as long as I'm not faking it, God can still use people in my life to help refocus me on being content.

And the people of Brazil helped hone that in for me again.

These are some of the happiest and joyful people I have ever been around. And it's 24x7! They are content.

Content with just being together.

Content with laughing at each other.

Content to just sit around the table and do nothing.

Content to find humor in anything and everything they do.

Content to just relax.

Content in exactly where God has them and what He has for them.

I'll take a cup of that.

I wished we all would.